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Welcome to the WardAndRelateD website


  • This is the SUCCESS page

  • Have you found family or made contact with someone through this website.

  • If so, lets hear about it

Thanks to your website, I have been contacted by two Ward cousins which is excellent.
Caroline 20/3/2009
REF 010-117


Hi, thanks to your site I have had contact with Jerry Ward of the USA whose Ward ancestry lead him to Leicestershire. 

After many emails and swapping of ancestors we think there may be a link (still not found) however I have made a good friendship this year and it culminated in us meeting up (in a good old fashioned English pub where else?!) when he and his wife and brother-in-law visited the UK in October 2007


Regards, Ally Ward, Derbyshire REF 001-118


Ally Ward & Jerry Ward