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Hi there, I am trying to find out more about Daniel Ward , born 27th August 1925, or maybe 1924.

I think he was born in Liverpool and his mother's maiden name was Rush.

He was a farmer's son, ? from Cheshire and in the summer of 1950 was working on a farm in Norfolk.

Any help would be gratefully received, thank you.

RosieDunn3771643"at"aol.com 18/12/2006 REF 033-18126



Dear Sir:  I am directly descended from a Willilam WARD, perhaps born in Warrington, Lancashire about 1605.  Married Elizabeth WELLS on 10 Feb 1624 in Smallburgh, Norfolk. 
His parents were Johannes (Edward) WARD, b. 19 Mar 1559/60 in Braunston-in-Rutland, and Maria HATTON, b. abt 1608 in  London. 
William's grandparents:  Thomas WARDE, b. 1528 in Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire, and Alicia Elizabeth BARTON, b. 1532, Braunston-in-Rutland. 
William's Greatgrandparents:  Johannes WARD, b. abt 1506, Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire, and Elizabeth ASHBY, b. abt 1508, Quenby 
I am working with local historical societies, and will share any info I receive.  Hopefully, someone will have some source documents for these ancestors.  Thanks for this consideration. 
 Jerry Ward  jnward"at"sprintmail.com 18/12/2006 REF 032-18126



Found your website and have started to get back into researching my family tree.
I took several years off due to many things to include being burned out from searching. 
The "Ward" is the branch I'm working on now. Below is what I have so far:

Alexander Ward married Sarah Sheridan on March 21, 1875. Sarah died on 
Sept 22, 1914. They had one child from the information I have - George 
Ward, born on Dec 9, 1975, died on Sept 18, 1953, married Lena Sweitzer 
on Apr 26, 1898. Lena was born on May 17, 1877 and died on May 26, 
George and Lena had two children - Alfred and Lena May. Alfred was born 
on Aug 26, 1900, died on May 28, 1975, married Laura Lincoln on Jun 15, 
1929. Laura was born on Nov 13, 1903 and died on Oct 7, 1994. Alfred and 
Laura had two children - Richard and Beverly. Richard was born on Apr 8,  
1930 and married Frances Dabrowski on Nov 19, 1955. France was born on 
Oct 16, 1937. They had eight children (information on the children upon 
request). Beverly was born on Jun 14, 1934 and married Ronald Wilber on 
Feb 1, 1957. Ronald was born on Oct 31, 1933 and died on Jun 21, 1994. 
They had four children (information on the children upon request).
Lena May was born on Jan 31, 1899 and died on Jan 15, 1989. Lena May 
married Norbert Strauss and had one son who died 5 days later. Norbert 
Strauss died on Apr 21, 1949. Lena May re-married Charles Planner who 
died on Aug 22, 1952.

Thank you for any assistance and in advance for your help and great 
website. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Robert Ward, Syracuse, NY, USA robert.ward"at"bms.com 21/9/2006 REF 031-2196


Great site - congratulations.

I am researching Ellen Mary Ward born 01 Apr 1920 in Kings Lynn to mother maiden name Crowe.

Birth certificate unclear so would appreciate any family member (parent, sibling etc) details.

Many thanks and replies to colinchilds1"at"btinternet.com 21/9/2006 REF 030-2196



Found your web site recently, grateful for your assistance, would you please post this.
My ancestor Richard Warde died in 1635 and was buried 2 October in the parish churchyard at Stretton in Rutlandshire, England.

I am wondering if any of the following records might exist.

I sincerely appreciate any assistance you might provide.

His widow, Joyce Ward(e) came to Connecticut , USA and died 15 Nov 1640 .

Richard's will was proved at London 2 October 1635 by the oath of Joyce Warde
Three of his children are buried at Stretton

Edward, 1663 and two infant children both named Richard, 1631, 1633
This is the information I am seeking:
1.  Birth record - around 1585?  Do not know parents names???

2. Marriage records - 1st marriage to unknown (Anne Gunville???) was around 1603

it is thought 2nd marriage was to Joyce Trafford (Traford, Stafford?) at Garthorpe, Leicestershire on 5 May 1606
3. Marriage records for
Joyce Traford.

Some say she was married to Richard Warde, some say Stephen Ward, perhaps both????

Thank you again for any assistance which can be provided.

Jean, jean2131"at"aim.com 21/9/2006 REF 029-2196



Dear webmaster, I'm hoping that you can load the following message onto your message 2006 board.

My name is Brett Ward and I'm researching Irish family.

I'm descendant from a son of a large Irish family who emigrated to Australia to seek his fortunes...

I'm seeking information on a family of Wards in lived in the townland of Rathwood, Civil parish of Abington, County Limerick, Ireland.
William Ward is the first Ward I know of to live in Rathwood.

He probably lived (very approximately) from 1775 to 1835.

It is largely guess work that William had at least four sons: William, Thomas, Michael and John (my ggg-grandfather).

All four lived in Rathwood through the period of the Griffiths valuation and its updates.

It is fact that John Ward married Margaret O'Shea in 1825 and had at least the following ten children from 1826 to 1853 as follows: William, Thomas, Patrick, Michael (my gg-grandfather), Bridget, James, Thady, Mary, Margaret and Thadius.

All children were born in Rathwood.

It is possible that if  the family were still in Rathwood around 1880 that they may have been evicted and established themselves elsewhere in Ireland or even emigrated.

Family folklore suggests that Michael learnt that other siblings may have emigrated to the US.

I have a webpage that includes further details www.ward.id.au
Please email me at brett"at"ward.id.au with any information on William Ward onwards.
Michael emigrated to Australia, where hundreds of his descendants reside today.
Kind regards, Brett Ward 21/9/2006 REF 028-2196


Looking for any information on Thomas and Beatrice May Ward, who were living in Folkestone in 1981. Thomas was born 12 Feb 1906 in Birmingham and died in July 1981 in Folkestone and Beatrice May Ward had moved away by 1983.

Beatrice had three children, Rene, Kiki and Yvonne from a previous marriage.

Thomas was a ship's purser in Shanghai and most likely Hong Kong as well.

He worked on the Dover Rail from 1963-1971.

I am looking for anyone who recognises the names Rene, Kiki and Yvonne.

If you have any information, please contact Roberta at robertaward"at"hotmail.com 21/9/2006 REF 027-2196



Two of my aunts, Mary and Rose Ward visited the USA in about 1957:

There they met a distant relative, Peter Ward, a university professor I think, in New York and the family has now lost contact with this side of the family:

Peter Ward
Ellen B Ward - wife
    Dan married to Rosemarie 11 September 1948, Notre Dame Church
    Mary Anne
Wal Storer (my mother was Clarice Ward) - her Ward family emigrated from Ireland to Australia in 1859

 Regards, walstorer"at"wanadoo.fr 21/9/2006 REF 026-2196



My father Jack Ward served in the army WW2 was in an industrial accident which left him in a wheelchair just after the war, he lived in Bedford in 1947/48, had two daughters who were adults when I was born in 1947 to a different mother, he was born c 1905 can anyone help with any information about him.
Regards Fran Cawdron craigcawdron17"at"btinternet.com 21/9/2006 REF 025-2196



I last posted on WardAndRelateD in 2004.
Still seeking information on John Ward, born 1884, married 1908, died 1968.
A document I have says:
"Hilda Glover married John Ward, a joiner at the 'Salt house' making ammonium sulphate for export during 1914-18 war.

He was an athlete and footballer who lived with relatives in Woodhouse.

There is a road named after him."

There is a "John Ward Street" in Woodhouse, Yorkshire, but I've been unable to yet confirm if the road was actually named after him, and if so when and why.
Any information on John, and especially his connection to John Ward Street, gratefully received.

A family story says John lived with an aunt Eleanor (who married an undertaker George Waller) after his parents died. 

Evidence suggests he does seem to have lived with George Waller when his parents passed, but that
George actually married Charlotte Ward. 

Charlotte seems not to have been a direct relative of Johns and it is uncertain if or how she was related to John - most likely she was a distant cousin. 

The census says she was born about 1851 in Woodhouse to Thomas and Phebea Ward, and lived in Handsworth in 1871.

By 1881 she was married to George.
Any information on Charlotte and how she was related to my Ward line welcome.

Hilda Glovers family had connections to Bedgreave Mill, and she and John had children,

John (my grandfather, born 1913 in Eckington, buried in Aston),
Francis, Arthur, Bessie, Hilda, Mary Elizbath, Fred and Joyce (who married Mervyn Pillinger).

John Ward senior's parents were Arthur Ward and Phoebe Fox.

Arthur Ward was born 1850, Woodhouse, Sheffield, and died 1891 in Derby. 

He is named variously as a cattle dealer or butcher.  Phoebe Fox lived from 1851 to 1886 and came from Derby. 

Arthur had siblings Walter (born 1841)
Clara (born 1845, married James Brooke)

Bernard (born 1848) and possibly George (born c1840).
Their parents were Daniel Ward and Elizabeth Elliott.

A family story says Bernard Ward had a family in Russia, and an old letter seems to partially confirm this - a daughter of his died in Russia. 
This area of Bernards life remains sketchy however and any more information would be gratefully received.

Daniel Ward was born about 1818, Handsworth, Yorkshire (according to censuses)

He married Elizabeth in 1838 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, and died 1869 in Derby.

He was a cattle dealer and appears to have relocated to Derby sometime in the 1850's.

Elizabeth was born about 1816 around Sheffield.

Daniels father was William Ward, a 'Pig Jobber'. 

Apart from his occupation, nothing is known about William, though he was probably born in the late
1700's around Sheffield.

Any information on this Ward line gratefully received.
Ian Ward,
ward"at"goblin-online.net 13/8/2006 REF 024-1386



I have just discovered your website and would be grateful if anyone could supply information on any of the following.

Most of the following are from Liverpool but I believe there are connections to the Isle of Man and

1  James Ward 1805 -
.. +Mary 1806 -
........ 2  Elizabeth Ward 1826 -
........ 2  Esther Ward 1827 ?
........ 2  Mary Ann Ward 1833 -
........ 2  Ann Ward 1833 -
........ 2  Martha Forrester Ward 1837 -
........ 2  Samuel Ward 1841 -
........ 2  James Ward 1828 - 1898
............ +Ann Hughes 1832 -
................... 3  Joseph Ward 1856 -
................... 3  James Ward 1862 -
................... 3  Elizabeth Nelson Ward 1864 -
....................... +Robert Norton 1864 -
................... 3  Mary Jane Ward 1866 -
................... 3  William H Ward 1868 -
................... 3  Ann Ward 1870 -
................... 3  John George Ward 1875 - 1930
....................... +Catherine Jones 1879 -
............................. 4  [1] Elizabeth Nelson Ward 1899 - 1983
................................. +[2] George H Norton 1898 -
............................. 4  Beatrice Ward 1907 - 1982
................................. +George Field - 1937
............................. 4  Cornelius John Ward 1911 - 1966
................................. +Ivy Pearlstone 1916 - 1982
............................. 4  Jack Ward
................................. +Mary

Many thanks, Mandi Ingram
ingram.m"at"tiscali.co.uk 13/8/2006 REF 023-1386



Please can any one help?
We are researching my Husbands Grandfathers family of Aston Area of Birmingham.

We know George (real name Gordon) lived with his wife Alice, Nee WOOD born 1916 in Ediunburgh,

at 11 Darwin St, Aston, Birmingham at some point during late 1930's and 1940's.

Later, they moved with their children to Weoley Castle, Aston, Brimingham, and eventually ended up in Churchill Redditch where they both lived out their final years with their Eldest son who is still living in the area.

Other Members of the family moved in and around Redditch and to the next town of Bromsgrove and other members moved back to the Brimingham area. 

We know of links to Weston Supermare for the family, and also that 1 son moved to London where he had an extensive family. 
His 2nd oldest son, my father-in-law, lives in Cheddar, just outside the Gorge.
Our main problem is getting back for Gordon/George born 1914 we are trying to find out who his parents were and if he had any siblings. 

I have also heard of rumours of connections to Wales but have never had any proof of this.

Can any one help us at all?
Many thanks,
Please contact Amanda Ward, wife of Robin Ward, at
ajwardcare"at"hotmail.com 13/8/2006 REF 022-1386



Hi, I've recently started my own Ward family tree, unfortunatley I've hit a bit of a lull!

I'm trying to trace my great great grandfather.

The only information I have is that he lived in Sheffield and was said to have invented the standing area handle on the trains (leather thing you would hold onto apparently)

For this, he had a street named after him in the Wicker area of Sheffield.

He also sang in a male group called the Ward Brothers and did many clubs and music halls around the Sheffield area.

He later went on to have 2 children, my grandfather Frank and Rosemary (who later emigrated to Australia). Not sure about his wife's name but I do know that she left the marriage when my great grand father was about 10. (c 1914)

Kind regards, Rebecca Tracey. bextracey"at"talktalk.net 16/6/2006 REF 021-1666



Hello found your site and would like to place a family record for information on living people descended from Zilpah Whitaker  born Micklefied 1850 and married Amos Ward born 1849, also from Micklefield.

Year of marriage 1871, a Building contractor.

Children born Anne Ward 1881

Charles Henry S  Ward born 1877

Hayan Buher Ward 1877

Milly Ward born 1874

Christiana Ann Ward born 1881

Zilpah and Amos ward was my fathers great aunt and uncle.

He was raised by Zilpah's brother and is now 90 years old and I am trying to finish off his family history for him.

Yours sincerely Sylvia Cook, Belgium

Contact me at trevcook"at"skynet.be 16/6/2006 REF 020-1666



Any news please on William Ward M. 1817 in Nottingham in 1817,and his family.
His son William was b. 1819 but left Notts. and was in the west Midlands by 1846
William senior was in Wood St. in the 1841 census
Tony Walker awalker1945"at"talk21.com 21/5/2006 REF 018-2156



Greetings, I am trying to trace living relatives (or anyone knowing ancestors) of my G Grandfather, Thomas Biddles Ward, born in Leicester (possibly), England in 1838. 

He married firstly Harriet Watts, then Elizabeth Place.

He emigrated to New Zealand in 1880.

Regards, Judy Sutherland jim.judy"at"xtra.co.nz 30/4/2006 REF 017-3046



Any information about the family of Cecelia Ward, a tailoress, born 1845 in Colchester, Essex would be very welcome.

Cecelia's father was Charles Ward and he was also a tailor.

Cecelia was married on 24 December 1864 to Thomas Proctor, born 1843 in Norfolk.

Many thanks. Email me: dawn.holloway-reeves'at'ntlworld.com 16/3/2006 REF 016-1636



Hi There,
I have recently lost my grandmother, Hilda Ward who was born in 1914 and was married to Michael Ward born 1907 in Ballinameen, Boyle, County Roscommon, Southern Ireland. 

His father was called Patrick Ward and apparently was a farmer in the County Roscommon area. 

Myself and my family are convinced that we have relatives that live in Ireland and are trying to trace them. 

If you have any knowledge of this line I would love to hear more! 

Also if I can offer any further info about our current Ward family, I'd be happy to do so.
Kind regards...Mike Ward. mike"at"creativeresource.co.uk 14/3/2006 REF 015-1436



I am researching WARD in Norfolk, mainly around the East Dereham , Norfolk area. 

I Have quite a lot of info, but cannot continue on the early tree members.

My first entry is
William Ward m Mary Palmer 12/10/1803 
Children :-
Daniel b 25.3.1804 East Dereham
Henry (Harry)  b  1806  Hoe Norfolk  m  Mary Jude 1832
Henry    b  1811  East Dereham
William  b 1813
David     b  1813  m  Mary Baxter 
Emily     b  1815  m James Barker 1835   d 1.7.1885  Tasmania  Australia
Maria    b  1816
Harriet  b  1817 Trowse Newton
James    b  1818
William  b  1821
Mary     b  1824
I am Descended from  Henry b 1806.
Would be happy to share  and correspond with anyone researching this line.
Mavis  Hunt vambor"at"bigpond.net.au 13/3/2006 REF 014-1336



Hi, Just thought I'd drop you a line to advise you that my great great grandfather Robert Ward b1839 Harborne, Staffs, moved to Rawmarsh in the 1860's.

He was a puddler in one of the iron foundries I think.

They had three children: Arthur b1870, Margaret b1873 and Frank b1876.

 For some reason they were only in Rotherham for about 10 years and then moved on to Hull.
All the best, Philip Ward, PhilWard7"at"aol.com  26/2/2006 REF 013-2626



Hi there, Could this go on your Ward Message Board which I found to be most interesting!

I'm trying to find Decendants of Joe Stanley Ward born Huddersfield c1877. Father Thomas Ward born c.1847 East Sutton, Yorkshire. Mother Sarah E.Ward born c.1845 Huddersfield. She may have been Sarah Cotton?
Joe married Florence Marguerite Camden Busby in York in December Quarter 1906. Florence was born in York 1881. Father George Busby was the Superintendant of Industrial Boys School in York. Her Mother was Martha Woolland.
Joe and Florence Ward were School Teachers. I wonder what happened to them.

Did they have a family....Are you a Decendant of Joe Stanley Ward and Florence Busby?

Regards, Jennifer Heinecke in Australia remle2"at"optusnet.com.au 26/2/2006 REF 012-2626



Hi, I am trying to trace the ancestry of Sarah Ann Ward born in 1860 in Leeds.

I know that she married John Frederick Howard and they had a son on the 11th of August 1881 called James Ward Howard and that's about all I do know.
can anyone help?

Please contact stus.mail"at"ntlworld.com Many Thanks 26/2/2006 REF 011-2626



Seeking info on Richard WARD (born 1745 and died ? in England) or his son, Richard WARD, who travelled (possibly on the ship Yamacrow) around 1821 from Darrington, England, to the USA, then to Greene County Illinois with his family. 

Here's what I have.  All data is from Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records, or the tombstones at Mt Gilead cemetery, Woodville Twp, Greene Cty, Illinois.

Here is the farthest I and my cousin have been able to go:
1     Richard WARD      b: Abt. 1745 England       d: Yorkshire, England  (Darrington, West Riding?)                 
      +Hannah CRAVEN                      b: Abt. March 06, 1748/49 England                            m: 1768 England 

2     Jonas WARD         b: March 03, 1764 Darrington, West Riding, Yorkshire, England  src: Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records: Yorkshire (West Riding), Nottinghamshire           

2      Mary WARD         b: February 10, 1767 Darrington, West Riding, Yorkshire, England  src: Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records: Yorkshire (West Riding), Nottinghamshire                                       
        +John PICKERING                                                m: December 22, 1787 Darrington, Yorkshire, England  src: Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records: Yorkshire (West Riding), Nottinghamshire

2      Richard* WARD    b: July 16, 1769 Yorkshire, England  (Darrington, West Riding???)  src1: Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois  , src2: Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records: Yorkshire (West Riding), Nottinghamshire             d: March 09, 1859 Greene Co, IL  src: Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois 
       +Elizabeth* WARD b: June 20, 1774 Yorkshire, England  src: Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois                              d: December 07, 1856 Greene Co, IL  src: Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois          m: May 13, 1794 Darrington, Yorkshire, England  src: Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records: Yorkshire (West Riding), Nottinghamshire

3      Mary WARD          b: April 16, 1797 Yorkshire, England  src: Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois                                                      d: July 16, 1862 Greene Co, IL  src: Greene Co. Historical Society            

3      Jonas* WARD        b: September 04, 1799 Darrington, West Riding, Yorkshire,  ENGLAND  src: Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois

                                         d: November 13, 1877 Carrollton, Greene Co, IL  src: 1879 History of Greene Co, IL, obit of JONAS WARD                 
        +Hester* FRY         b: August 20, 1809 Lexington, Fayette Co,  KY  src1: Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois  , src2: 1850 Census 

                                         d: December 16, 1912 Carrollton, Greene Co, IL  src: Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois                              m: June 01, 1829 Greene Co, IL  src: Marriage Records, Greene County, Illinois 

3      Richard WARD      b: April 11, 1803 Darrington, West Riding, Yorkshire, England  src1: Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois  , src2: Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records: Yorkshire (West Riding), Nottinghamshire      

                                         d: October 05, 1834 Greene Co, IL  src: Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois                        
3       John WARD           b: November 10, 1805 Darrington, Yorkshire, England  src1: 1879 History of Greene Co, IL, src2: Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records: Yorkshire (West Riding), Nottinghamshire                                                     d: November 07, 1834 Greene Co, IL  src: Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois

        +Elizabeth BLACK  b: November 05, 1810 Moorhouse Hall, Cumberland, England  src: Greene Co. Historical Society     

                                          d: 1881     m: April 11, 1833 Greene Co, IL  src: Marriage Records of Greene Co, Illinois

Many thanks, Scott Alan "Scotty" Ward, ScottyDC"at"yahoo.com 6/2/2006 REF 010-626



In researching my family tree I found that my grt grt grandmother was Susan Ward born abt 1812. 

She married John Winterflood, bricklayer / journeyman abt 1830 in the Sible Hedenham area of Essex.  

She had seven children listed in the 1851 census. 

I'm hoping to make contact and exchange information with other family members of this line.

Thank you for this interesting and helpful web site.

David Piper,  dpiperb''at''tiscali.co.uk 29/1/2006 REF 009-2916



Hi There, I was introduced to this website and am hoping that maybe the brick wall I have hit will dissolve!
I am trying to trace my paternal Grandfather's family, I know that he was born in 1922 in Rogerstone, Wales and that his parents are Percival Louis Ward and Mary Ellen (Helen) Ross, no idea of when they were married or their birthdates.
But I do know my Grandfather Alfred Edwin Ward served in the Australian Army, not sure if he was nationalized or sent over here to serve.
If this rings a bell for anyone or you have found extra information that may help, please contact me on
whirlwindfire"at"msn.com and put Ward in the subject box....

Many Thanks, Leanne Chambers (nee Ward) 15/1/2006 REF 008-1516


Hello, I would appreciate the following message be put on your website please.
My husband's 3xgreat grandmother was Sarah WARD who married three times - GILLBEE, BARFOOT and GRITHIFFS  and raised a large family in Australia. Her son William GILLBEE was a well lnown doctor in colonial Melbourne who introduced the use of antiseptics into hospitals.
Sarah was the daughter of William Middlemore Bryan(t) WARD and Sarah LAW born c1804 at Hackney. Her parents were married at St Dunstan Stepney in 1799. William Middlemore Bryant WARD was baptised at St John Hackney in 1768 son of John WARD. There are other baptisms at the church who are possible siblings to William. If anyone has any knowledge of this family I would love to hear from you.
Regards, Leigh Prideaux, leighprideaux"at"hotmail.com 5/1/2006 REF 007-516



I am searching (with little success) for information about FLORENCE E WARD. Born in 1901, Emigrated to America before 1906 with her father, John J Ward (my great grandfather's brother) I believe John was born in Bootle in 1876. Florence died in 1967 (possible social security number 117-20-6361), My Grandmother received a solicitors letter about that time but never replied to it. I believe Florence married a man called Harold T Worthington. Any help would be be gratefully received.
Thanks, Richy Soden-Barton, richy"at"rsb10.fsnet.co.uk  3/1/2006 REF 006-316



I have hit a brick wall.

I am trying to find information about my GGF, William Henry WARD.

William was born in Masbrough, Rotherham, circa 1837-1839.

His wife Sarah Elizabeth HARRISON was born in Tipton, Staffs, 1835, daughter of Edward Harrison who was born 1841 in Tipton, Staffs and was found in the 1861 census living at Henley Grove, Kimberworth, Sarah Elizabeth being 26 years old, with her brothers & sisters Emma, Samuel, Theodore, Edward, Benjamin, Thomas & Eliza.

Due to my elusive GGF, I employed the services of a company to help find him.

The result being that he could not be found on the 1861 census. 

William and Sarah Elizabeth were found on the following census.

1891 census at 25 Midland Road, Kimberworth.

1881 census at 17 Wortley Road, Kimberworth.

1871 census at 9 New Zealand Yard, Bridgegate.

The only William Ward found on the 1861 census, at the right age of 22, is with his wife Hannah, also 22 who is listed as born in Dronfield

This is ref 3503/49B living at Oil Mill Fold.

I am hoping this is my GGF who may have married again.

Does anyone know this William and Hannah, and is there a possible link???????? 

I think Hannah's maiden name may be Wigley.


Regards, John Ward, ward4ever"at"hotmail.com  3/1/2006 REF 005-316



My research includes Ethel WARD, daughter of Edward Ward & Jane Emily SCOPES.

Ethel was born around 1911? and married Arthur "Johnny" Marsden.

Family sources say they both lived in the Thrybergh area of Rotherham, UK.


Regards, John Ward, ward4ever"at"hotmail.com 3/1/2006 REF 004-316



My research includes Jim WARD, son of Edward WARD & Jane Emily SCOPES.

Jim was born 1906 and married someone called Alice.

Family sources say that at sometime, Jim lost either one, or both of his legs and lived in the Dinnington area of Rotherham, UK.

Jim signed on for work at Silverwood colliery on July 19th 1922 aged 16


Regards, John Ward, ward4ever"at"hotmail.com 3/1/2006 REF 003-316



I have a Robert Henry Ward b1877 York marrying Millicent Sophia Beavan in 1898 in York. In 1901 they have 2 children- Charles Edward Ward b. 1901 - York and Robert ( William ?) Ward b. 1900 - York
Robert Henry Ward had a brother George Alfred b. 1880 and a sister Jane Ann b. 1871
Is it possible you could put this on your noticeboard as I would like to find some decendants 
Thanks  Avril Stead, avril"at"rockets.fsbusiness.co.uk 3/1/2006 REF 002-316




Hello John Ward,
I just found your web site. It looks like it will be very interesting. 
I am Richard Beresford Ward born 1957 Stafford
My Father is Beresford Charles William Ward born 1925 in Portsmouth
My Grandfather was Charles William Ward from Suffolk; he joined the Navy
I also have a brother; Lindsay James Ward 1952 and sister Julie Denise Ward 1949
Looking at your site it seems a surprising number of male Wards include the name William !
Do you know any ancestry links for Wards in Suffolk?
Are you trying to compile the complete Ward Ancestry; that would be great if feasible !
Regards & good luck, Richard, r.ward"at"btinternet.com 3/1/2006 REF 001-316