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My name is Travis Ward.

I am 21 years old and live in Colorado, USA.

I don't really know much about my family or its roots so I was hoping you might be able to help me.

A long time ago my uncle, Gary Ward did some research and said our name originated in either Scotland or Ireland.

If you could e-mail me back that would be amazing.

I don't know what you could really do for me but if you have any questions that could help I would be glad to answer them.


Thank you so much!, Travis.

My work e-mail is: travis.ward"at"schriever.af.mil Home e-mail: wolfman4658"at"yahoo.com 21/11/2008 REF 015-21118


My grandmother was Adelaide May Ward, born about 1899 - possibly in Leeds.

She emigrated to South Australia with her mother when she was ten - about 1909.

I believe she had a twin brother named Sidney who died at birth.

Her father was George Ward.


Can anyone help. Terri, my email is kennterri"at"hotmail.com 21/11/2008 REF 014-21118



I am trying to trace my father. WILLIAM ALFRED WARD.

He was known as ALFRED WARD.

Born in 1922. London.
Married to my Mother, ELIZABETH ROACHE. in Lambeth. 


They had 4 children,

I don't know what happened to him and this is all the information I have.

I would love to know if he is still alive and where I can find him.


Thank you, Lorraine. My e mail address is lorraineclark"at"onetel.net 21/11/2008 REF 013-21118



We are trying to trace the Emneth, Norfolk branch of the WARD family.

We have got back as far as Richard Ward, born 1796.

He died in 1st August 1875 and was buried in Emneth.

Does anyone have any information about his parents, grandparents etc. who may have come from Garboldisham, Norfolk?


Please reply to john"at"sally35.fsnet.co.uk 21/11/2008 REF 012-21118



Hi, I am currently at a standstill, there appears to be lots of references to the ward's in Bradford but I cannot narrow it down.

I am trying to trace my fathers side of the family.

WILLIAM ROBERT WARD (my grandfather) was born about 1900 I believe in Bradford.


My father ALBERT THOMAS WARD was born in Bradford in 1926 died 1975.

This is all the information I have at the moment and this is patchy.

I think the name COATES may also be linked.

Any information would be greatly received.


Many thanks, Richard Ward rw018x0619"at"blueyonder.co.uk 21/11/2008 REF 011-21118



Hi my name is Linda Tivy in Western Australia, I have been doing some family research for my mother in law,
Her name is Dorothy Sproule nee Newton.
The Newton family goes back to Jacob Newton and Sarah Ward who's parents are John Ward and Sarah Broadhead.
Sarah Ward born 31/8/1788 in Doncaster Yorkshire England Christened 24/9/1788.
Jacob Newton born 1785 Keighley Yorkshire they married on 19/6/1808 in Doncaster.
His son John Ward Newton came to Australia in about 1850.
Love to hear anything about them or their family.
Regards Linda, al.tivy"at"bigpond.net.au 28/9/2008 REF 010-2898


WARD's from Montrath, Queens County, IRELAND.

I am researching my wife's family and am looking for any information on the family and Ward ansestors of:

James Ward (b1792 - d~1859) married  Margaret Julian (b1812 - d1886)
farmers from Montrath or Clonan, Queens county, Ireland. Their children where:

Lucy Ann Ward (b1832-d?)
George Ward (b1833-d1855)
Jane Ward (b1835-d1870) married Henry Brereton in 1860.
James II Ward (b1837-d1912) born at Montrath, Queens, [county], Ireland married Matilda Alley (b1840-d1912)
Sarah Ward (b1839-d1913) married John Alley (1834-1869) in 1861 in NZ
Rebecca Ward (b1841-d?) married Stephen Nosworthy (b1841-d1868)
Hannah Ward (b1842-d?)
Amelia  Hester  Ward (b1843-d1922)
Muffy Ward (b1844-d?)
William Henry Ward (b1845-d1886) married Mar Jane Austin(b1847) in 1867, children George, William, James, Margaret. <--- My wife family line.
Harriet Ward (b1849)
Margaret Ward(b1851-d1853)
Margaret Elizabeth Ward (b1853-d1922) married Thomas Tubman in 1877

I think that James Ward (1792-1859) may have had a brither George Ward (b1810-d?) but I am not sure.

Some of the family and decendants emmigrated to New Zealand in 1860 and later in 1868-9
living around Rock Hill, Halswell near Christchurch, Canterbury, N.Z.

Any information would be appreciated.
Regards,Phil Pidgeon
pep79"at"iinet.net.au 28/9/2008 REF 009-2898


WARD's from Elkington, Claxby, Earls Heaton, Farsley, Louth, Mirfield, Northamptonshire, Okatoks (Canada), Thornby, 

I have just discovered your website and thought that perhaps someone reading this might find a connection to my Ward family and be able to fill in the blanks, as it were.  I am researching my dad’s ancestral line, dating back to 1778 and the birth of my 4th great-grandfather John Ward.  I believe he was born in Elkington, Northamptonshire, and from there my ancestors moved to Lincolnshire (Claxby, Louth, Thornsby), and then into West Yorkshire (Mirfield, Farsley, Earls Heaton, Hull).  Some of the information I have is a little sketchy and I cannot vouch that it is entirely 100% accurate, which is why I am here.  I am the granddaughter of Leslie Ward (b. 19 Dec 1913, West Yorkshire).  I would love to make a connection, and any information would be most welcome.  I apologize for this being such a lengthy post, but details are important.


Descendants of John Ward


Generation No. 1


1.  JOHN2 WARD  (?1) was born 1778 in Elkington, Northamptonshire. 

                         He married SARAH HORD 1798 in Claxby, Lincolnshire.

                         She was born 1778 in Claxby, Lincolnshire.


Children of JOHN WARD and SARAH HORD are:

                   i.    JOHN3 WARD, b. 1798, Lincolnshire

                  ii.    SARAH WARD, b. 1800, Claxby, Lincolnshire; m.

                         (1) ? EVERINGTON; m. (2) ? EVERINGTON

                 iii.    MARY WARD, b. 1807, Lincolnshire

                 iv.    JOHN WARD, b. 1809, Lincolnshire

                  v.    RICHARD WARD, b. 1809, Lincolnshire

                 vi.    JOHN WARD, b. 1819, Claxby, Lincolnshire

2.             vii.    JOSEPH WARD, b. 1821, Claxby, Lincolnshire, England;

                         d. 1903, Louth, Lincolnshire

               viii.    JOHN WARD, b. 1808

3.               ix.   RICHARD WARD, b. 1810

4.                x.   WILLIAM WARD, b. 1811

5.               xi.   CHARLES WARD, b. 1816

6.              xii.   DAVID WARD, b. 1817 


Generation No. 2


2.  JOSEPH3 WARD (JOHN2, ?1) born 1821 in Claxby, Lincolnshire, died 1903 in Louth, Lincolnshire.

                         He married SOPHIA BILLINGS 1841 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire,

                         daughter of JOHN BILLINGS and AMY LAWRENCE. 

                         She was born 1832 in Driby, Lincolnshire, and died 1898 in Louth, Lincolnshire.



7.                i.    JOHN4 WARD, b. 1842, Claxby, Lincolnshire; d. 1896, Louth, Lincolnshire

8.               ii.    BETSY WARD, b. 1844, Claxby, Lincolnshire

9.              iii.    GEORGE DUNSTAN WARD, b. 1845, Claxby, Lincolnshire; d. 1906, Louth, Lincolnshire

                 iv.    MARY ANN WARD, b. 1848, Claxby, Lincolnshire

10.             v.    SUSAN WARD, b. 1849, Claxby, Lincolnshire

11.            vi.    RICHARD WARD, b. 1852, Claxby, Lincolnshire

12.           vii.    FREDERICK T. WARD, b. 1860, Greenfield, Lincolnshire

               viii.    SARAH S. WARD, b. 1864, Aby, Lincolnshire

13.             ix.   EMMA WARD, b. 1866, Aby, Lincolnshire

14.              x.   CHARLES WARD, b. 1850


3.  RICHARD3 WARD (JOHN2, ?1) was born 1810. 

                         He married ELIZABETH HATLIFF 26 Jun 1834,

                         daughter of WILLIAM HATLIFF and ELIZABETH KIME. 

                         She was born 18 Nov 1808.



                   i.    ELIZABETH ANN4 WARD, b. 1839

                  ii.    SARAH WARD, b. 1841

                 iii.    FENNING WARD, b. 1843

                 iv.    MARY JANE WARD, b. 1845

                  v.    PHEBE WARD, b. 1848


4.  WILLIAM3 WARD (JOHN2, ?1) was born 1811. 

                         He married ELIZABETH.  She was born 1819.


Children of WILLIAM WARD and ELIZABETH are:

                   i.    RICHARD4 WARD, b. 1840

15.             ii.    WILLIAM WARD, b. 1844

16.            iii.    JOHN WARD, b. 1847

                 iv.    CHARLES WARD, b. 1850; m. JANE; b. 1842


5.  CHARLES3 WARD (JOHN2, ?1) was born 1816. 

                         He married MARY ANN.  She was born 1818.


Children of CHARLES WARD and MARY are:

                   i.    RICHARD4 WARD, b. 1845; m. MARY; b. 1846

17.             ii.    SARAH WARD, b. 1847

                 iii.    JOSEPH WARD, b. 1850; m. MARY JANE; b. 1861

                 iv.    CHARLES WARD, b. 1852

18.             v.    JOHN WARD, b. 1855

19.            vi.    SAMUEL WARD, b. 1857

20.           vii.    MARY A. WARD, b. 1860

               viii.    EMILY WARD, b. 1863


6.  DAVID3 WARD (JOHN2, ?1) was born 1817. 

                         He married ELIZABETH.  She was born 1821.


Children of DAVID WARD and ELIZABETH are:

                   i.    BETSY4 WARD, b. 1846

                  ii.    GEORGE WARD, b. 1848

                 iii.    JOHN WARD, b. 1851

                 iv.    JANE MARY WARD, b. 1854


Generation No. 3


7.  JOHN4 WARD (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1842 in Claxby, Lincolnshire,

                          and died 1896 in Louth, Lincolnshire. 

                          He married MARY ANN.  She was born 1843 in Hogsthorpe, Lincolnshire, and died Unknown.


Children of JOHN WARD and MARY are:

21.              i.    WILLIAM HENRY5 WARD, b. 1865, Aby, Lincolnshire

                  ii.    JOHN WARD, b. 1866, South Thoresby, Lincolnshire;

                         m. SARAH JANE HAW, 1890, Spilsby, Lincolnshire;

                         b. 1866, Branston, Lincolnshire

                 iii.    WALTER WARD, b. 1868, South Thoresby, Lincolnshire;

                         m. ELIZABETH A. GOODROW; b. 1874, Fairfield, Derbyshire

22.            iv.    GEORGE EDWARD WARD, b. 1870, South Thoresby, Lincolnshire

                  v.    HARRIETT WARD, b. 1871, Langton, Lincolnshire; d. 1888, Spilsby, Lincolnshire

                 vi.    FRED WARD, b. 1875, Langton, Lincolnshire

                vii.    ANN SOPHIA WARD, b. 1877, Langton, Lincolnshire;

                         m. HARRY MAWER, 1902, Louth, Lincolnshire

               viii.    EMMA JANE WARD, b. 1887, Langton, Lincolnshire

                  ix.    MARY ELLEN WARD, b. 1887, Langton, Lincolnshire


8.  BETSY4 WARD (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1844 in Claxby, Lincolnshire. 

                          She married (1) ?.    She married (2) ?. 


Child of BETSY WARD and ? is:

23.              i.    ARTHUR5 WARD, b. 1867, South Thoresby, Lincolnshire.


9.  GEORGE DUNSTAN4 WARD (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1845 in Claxby, Lincolnshire,

                         and died 1906 in Louth, Lincolnshire. 

                         He married SARAH JANE SMITH, daughter of JOHN SMITH and MARY. 

                         She was born 1849 in Bradford, West Yorkshire.


Children of GEORGE WARD and SARAH SMITH are:

                   i.    JOSEPH H.5 WARD, b. 1873, Danthorpe, Yorkshire

                  ii.    GEORGE F. WARD, b. 1875, Owstwick, Lincolnshire

24.            iii.    JOHN WILLIAM WARD, b. 12 Jul 1875, Brampton, Lincolnshire

                 iv.    MINNIE WARD, b. 1877, Owstwick, Lincolnshire; d. 1885, Louth, Lincolnshire

                  v.    CHARLES WARD, b. 1878, Burwell, Lincolnshire;

                         m. JESSIE DRING, 1900, Louth, Lincolnshire; b. 1879, Raithby, Lincolnshire

                 vi.    MARY A. WARD, b. 1880, Burwell, Lincolnshire

                vii.    ROBERT EDWARD WARD, b. 1883, Burwell, Lincolnshire

               viii.    SARAH E. WARD, b. 1883, Burwell, Lincolnshire

                  ix.    WALTER WARD, b. 1886, Burwell, Lincolnshire

                   x.    LAURA ELLEN WARD, b. 1887, Burwell, Lincolnshire

                  xi.    ALFRED WARD, b. 1890, Burwell, Lincolnshire

                 xii.    ALICE WARD, b. 1890, Burwell, Lincolnshire

                xiii.    RICHARD THOMAS WARD, b. 1891, Burwell, Lincolnshire

                xiv.    BETSY WARD, b. 1893, Burwell, Lincolnshire


10.  SUSAN4 WARD (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1849 in Claxby, Lincolnshire. 

                          She married GEORGE HORNER 1877 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire,

                          son of JOHN HORNER and ELIZABETH. 

                          He was born 1853 in Barnetby Le Wold, Lincolnshire.


Children of SUSAN WARD and GEORGE HORNER are:

                   i.    GEORGE ALFRED5 HORNER, b. 1885, Tothill, Lincolnshire

                  ii.    MARY ANN HORNER, b. 1886, Legbourne, Lincolnshire


11.  RICHARD4 WARD (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1852 in Claxby, Lincolnshire. 

                         He married EMILY GIBBONS 1873 in Caistor, Lincolnshire,

                         daughter of JOSEPH GIBBONS and MARY. 

                         She was born 1855 in Limber, Lincolnshire.



                   i.    GRACE5 WARD, b. 1886, Hull, Yorkshire


12.  FREDERICK T.4 WARD (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1860 in Greenfield, Lincolnshire. 

                         He married SUSAN ELLEN DUNHAM Sep 1884. 

                         She was born 1857, and died 1890 in Bourne, Lincolnshire.



                   i.    PERCY FREDERICK5 WARD, b. 1884, Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire

                  ii.    ELLA WARD, b. 1886, Wytham, Lincolnshire

                 iii.    ADELAIDE LOUISE WARD, b. 1887, Wytham (Witham on the Hill), Lincolnshire


13.  EMMA4 WARD (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1866 in Aby, Lincolnshire.  

                         She married CHARLES BUTLER 1886 in Louth, Lincolnshire,

                         son of RICHARD BUTLER and CHARLOTTE. 

                         He was born 1863 in Strubby, Lincolnshire.


Children of EMMA WARD and CHARLES BUTLER are:

                   i.    MARY5 BUTLER, b. 1888, Haugham, Lincolnshire

                  ii.    RICHARD H. BUTLER, b. 1892, Burwell, Lincolnshire

                 iii.    EMMA BUTLER, b. 1894, Brinkhill, Lincolnshire

                 iv.    RUTH BUTLER, b. 1897, Benniworth, Lincolnshire

                  v.    CHARLES BUTLER, b. 1900, Withcall, Lincolnshire


14.  CHARLES4 WARD (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1850. 

                          He married OLIVE LEE Jun 1878, daughter of THOMAS LEE and DINAH. 

                          She was born 1856 in Toynton, Lincolnshire.


Children of CHARLES WARD and OLIVE LEE are:

                   i.    JOSEPH DARIUS5 WARD, b. 1879, Swaby, Lincolnshire

                  ii.    MARY H. WARD, b. 1883, Stewton, Lincolnshire


15.  WILLIAM4 WARD (WILLIAM3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1844.  He married SUSANNAH. 

                          She was born 1848.


Children of WILLIAM WARD and SUSANNAH are:

                   i.    ANNIE5 WARD, b. 1867

                  ii.    WILLIAM WARD, b. 1870

                 iii.    HENRY WARD, b. 1876

                 iv.    ARTHUR WARD, b. 1879

                  v.    POLLEY WARD, b. 1882

                 vi.    MINNIE WARD, b. 1884

                vii.    EMMA WARD, b. 1886


16.  JOHN4 WARD (WILLIAM3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1847. 

                         He married ELIZA.  She was born 1847.


Children of JOHN WARD and ELIZA are:

                   i.    SARAH A.5 WARD, b. 1868

                  ii.    BEATRICE N. WARD, b. 1870

                 iii.    CLARA E. WARD, b. 1870


17.  SARAH4 WARD (CHARLES3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1847. 

                         She married DAVID SEMPERS 1869.  He was born 1847.


Children of SARAH WARD and DAVID SEMPERS are:

                   i.    EDITH5 SEMPERS, b. 1870

                  ii.    WILLIAM SEMPERS, b. 1874

                 iii.    RICHARD SEMPERS, b. 1875

                 iv.    MAUDE SEMPERS, b. 1878

                  v.    ROBERT SEMPERS, b. 1880


18.  JOHN4 WARD (CHARLES3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1855. 

                         He married ELIZA.  She was born 1864.


Children of JOHN WARD and ELIZA are:

                   i.    JOHN EDWARD5 WARD, b. 1886

                  ii.    CHARLES WARD, b. 1888

                 iii.    FREDERICK WARD, b. 1888

                 iv.    EDITH WARD, b. 1892

                  v.    ETHEL WARD, b. 1894

                 vi.    HILDA WARD, b. 1900


19.  SAMUEL4 WARD (CHARLES3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1857. 

                         He married SARAH J..  She was born 1863.


Children of SAMUEL WARD and SARAH are:

                   i.    JOHN W.5 WARD, b. 1885

                  ii.    CHARLES R. WARD, b. 1889

                 iii.    ARTHUR E. WARD, b. 1894


20.  MARY A.4 WARD (CHARLES3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1860. 

                          She married JOHN JACKLIN.  He was born 1859.


Children of MARY WARD and JOHN JACKLIN are:

                   i.    JOSEPH5 JACKLIN, b. 1884

                  ii.    EMILY JACKLIN, b. 1888

                 iii.    ERNEST JACKLIN, b. 1891


Generation No. 4


21.  WILLIAM HENRY5 WARD (JOHN4, JOSEPH3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1865 in Aby, Lincolnshire. 

                         He married ELIZABETH CLARK 1891 in Louth, Lincolnshire,

                         daughter of DAVID CLARK and HANNAH. 

                         She was born 1865 in East Kirkby, Lincolnshire.



                   i.    ELSIE MAY6 WARD, b. 1895, Hull, Yorkshire; d. 1903, Hull, Yorkshire.


22.  GEORGE EDWARD5 WARD (JOHN4, JOSEPH3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1870 in South                      

                         Thoresby, Lincolnshire. 

                         He married ELIZABETH.  She was born 1871 in Stourton, Lincolnshire.


Children of GEORGE WARD and ELIZABETH are:

                   i.    HAROLD EMERSON6 WARD, b. 1897, Horncastle, Lincolnshire

                  ii.    FRED WARD, b. 1901, Earls Heaton, Yorkshire


23.  ARTHUR5 WARD (BETSY4, JOSEPH3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 1867 in South Thoresby, Lincolnshire.

                         He married CATHERINE.  She was born 1861.



                   i.    MINNIE6 WARD, b. 1895, Grimsby, Lincolnshire


24.  JOHN WILLIAM5 WARD (GEORGE DUNSTAN4, JOSEPH3, JOHN2, ?1) was born 12 Jul 1875 in

                         Brampton, Lincolnshire. 

                         He married EDITH EMMA COOPER 27 Jul 1898 in Mirfield, West Yorkshire,

                         daughter of JOHN COOPER and EMILY JACKSON. 

                         She was born 15 Dec 1877 in Ravensthorpe, West Yorkshire.


Children of JOHN WARD and EDITH COOPER are:

                   i.    DORIS EMILY6 WARD, b. 12 Sep 1900, Sands Farm, Mirfield, West Yorkshire;

                         m. BILL ELLIS

                  ii.    FRANK WARD, b. 24 Aug 1901, Briar Knowles, Mirfield, West Yorkshire; m. AIDA

                 iii.    CYRIL COOPER WARD, b. 12 May 1907, Farsley, West Yorkshire; d. Aug 1979; m. ?

                 iv.    MARGARET MARIES WARD, b. 05 Sep 1911, West Yorkshire; d. 13 Jun 1997;

                         m. ALBERT JACKSON

                  v.    STANLEY JACKSON WARD, b. 17 Sep 1912, West Yorkshire;

                         d. Jan 1999, Batley Carr, West Yorkshire; m. (1) ?; m. (2) EDITH

                 vi.    LESLIE WARD, b. 19 Dec 1913, West Yorkshire; d. 10 Aug 2004, West Yorkshire;

                         m. DORIS LAND, 27 Dec 1938; b. 06 Jan 1913, Thornhill, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire;

                         d. 16 May 1986, Okatoks, Alberta, Canada.

     vii.   PHYLLIS MAUD WARD, b. 30 Aug 1915, West Yorkshire;

             m. ERIC FELL; d. Unknown

     viii.  EILEEN WARD, b. 29 Jan 1917, Back of the Moon, Thornhill, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire;

             m. HERBERT THOMPSON, 08 Apr 1939, Thornhill Parish Church, Thornhill,

             Dewsbury, West Yorkshire; d. 21 Jul 1981


             Anyone doing this family line, please contact Heather.

             heather35"at"shaw.ca 27/1/2008 REF 008-2718


WARD's from Manchester

Hi, are there any Manchester "Ward's" out there? My Granddad, George Ward, died when my mum was only nine years old which would be approximately in 1932. There had been rift in the family because Granddad married my lovely Gran who was a Catholic of Irish descent, and his family had disapproved.

I can only presume it was because they were Church of England. 

Consequently, mum never really knew her Ward relations.

Below is the information I have gleaned so far:
My Grandparents.
George Ward (b. 26th Nov 1881) Mary Agnes nee Harrison (b. 6th November 1884) married 1908
(Granddad was born in Glossop)
Louis b. 1909
Margaret b. Mary 1911
Elizabeth b. 1913
John b. 1915
Robert b. 1916
Mary Agnes b. 1919
Kathleen b. 1921
Veronica b. 1923 (Mum)
Great Grandparents.
John Ward (b. 21st June 1853) Lucinda nee Caldwell (b. 20th Jan 1854) married 28th May 1874
(Second Wife Annie Holmes cir 1862?)
Great, Great Grandparents.
George Ward cir 1809 Hannah nee Hunter cir 1804.
Should there be anyone researching my branch of the Ward family I have photographs of George Ward, and his Father John that I am willing to share.
Congratulations! on your excellent site.
Best wishes, Eileen
27/1/2008 REF 007-2718


WARD's from Marton-cum-Grafton, Yorkshire

Hello 'Ward and Related', This is for your message board please.

GEORGE WARD (Born 1883ish) son of JOHN.
On 23 December 1911, GEORGE WARD married my Gt. Aunt, Annie Elizabeth BOUNDS,

at Marton-cum-Grafton, Yorkshire, England.

He is 28, a widower, and a groom.

It is stated his father is JOHN WARD.

On 16 September 1912, they had a son, STANLEY, born in Yorkshire.

Annie Ward remarries in 1918, in Bletchley, Bucks, so George has died between 1912 and 1918.
Stanley remained in Bletchley for the rest of his life, and died in 1971.
I would be very grateful for any information on George or Stanley.

I presume George came from Yorkshire, but it may not be the case, and he probably died in The War, but there are so many George Wards out there!
Any help greatly appreciated,
Thank you, Rose Cowl
24/1/2008 REF 006-2418


WARD's from RAWMARSH, Rotherham

Hello!  If anyone can help me with the following it would be very much appreciated as i'm well and truly stuck!
My grandma (Eva OLDFIELD nee WARD) was the daughter of Charles WARD and Susannah GUEST.

I have just about sorted out the GUEST side but i'm totally stuck with the WARD side as it seems my great grandparents didn't marry, so I can't get any info on my great grandfather Charles WARD. 

Here are some details I do know:
Charles WARD (b. ?) and Susannah GUEST (b. 17 Jun 1887, Rawmarsh, S. Yorks) are the parents of 13 children, namely;
Earnest Duke WARD
Jack Ludlam WARD
Charles William WARD
Ethel WARD (b. Bet. Oct - Dec 1918, Rotherham)
Hilda WARD (b. Bet. Jan - Mar 1920, Rotherham)
Ronald WARD (b. Bet. Jul - Sep 1921, Rotherham)
Eva WARD (b. 08 Oct 1922, Rotherham... m. Francis Fredrick OLDFIELD on 04 Sep 1943, Rotherham... d. Oct 1997, Rawmarsh.
Kenneth WARD
Marion WARD
Wilson WARD (b. 14 Feb 1932, Rotherham... d.Sep 2001, Mansfield, Derbys.)
Gladys WARD
(Possibly an Edna WARD) 
I also know that Gladys WARD went to live with her uncle (Charles' brother) Wilson WARD whom I believe may have been born in Rawmarsh, but i can't say for definate.
Thank you for reading this long message, and if anyone has any information please get in touch!
Laurel Oldfield ~
lol.jay"at"hotmail.co.uk 22/1/2008 REF 005-2218

WARD's from Mt. Airy NC USA

My 82 yr old Aunt, Nannie Belle Poteat Ward, is trying to reach anyone who might know of my Uncle Orville Ernest Ward Jr's ancestry.

They lived in Mt. Airy NC USA for most of his life.

His father was a minister I believe in the Baptist Church.

Anyone with any link to their genealogy please feel free to email me for further contact info for her.

She said that an Anne Ward, from Bath OHIO USA wrote her and offered a book on the Ward Family but she has misplaced the order form for the book. 

Also, if you have any information concerning the following surnames I would appreciate any insight into websites that I might follow up on information regarding these.

Poteat, Hiatt, Crouse, Shores, Stephens/Stevens, McKnight, McGee, Kirkman and Ingram

Thank you, Cyndy Hiatt McGee CMcgee7327"at"aol.com 22/1/2008 REF 004-2218


WARD's from Fleet, Lincolnshire

My GGGrandfather, William WARD was born in Fleet, Lincolnshire 1849. 

His parents John WARD b 1811 & Elizabeth b 1818, I believe remained in Fleet until their deaths. 

William along with his brother George b 1843 moved to Terrington st Clements, Norfolk , married and stayed there until their deaths. 

Their siblings are as follows;

Eliza/Elizabeth b 1840

Thomas b 1847

Elizabeth b 1852

John b 1856

Edward b 1858, and Job b 1862. 

If any one can help me out with information about this family or any other WARD families from Fleet, please get in touch, any information would be appreciated.


Thanking you, Annabelle,  plowright”at”eldersnet.com.au 1/1/2008 REF 003-118

WARD's from Helmsley, North Yorkshire

Looking for any Wards who are connected to the Wards Saddlers of Helmsley, North Yorkshire 1960's back to 1700s


Peter Ward p.ward112"at"btinternet.com 1/1/2008 REF 002-118

WARD's from Dover and Cowes, Isle of Wight

"Martha Ward, widow of John Ward Esq of Dover and formerly of East Cowes Isle of Wight died 25th August 1855 aged 73" is commemorated on a tombstone in Woodbury Park Cemetery Tunbridge Wells England. 

Does that interest any of your Wards today? 

I am secretary of a conservation group that among other things is seeking to out together a dossier about the lives of the individuals buried in this beautiful Victorian cemetery.


June Bridgeman, jbman"at"btinternet.com

Friends of Woodbury Park Cemetery. 1/1/2008 REF 001-118