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Welcome to the WardAndRelateD website

Currently under re-construction.

I will be adding all MY OWN research into the WARD surname.

All my research has been done in ROTHERHAM, South Yorkshire, UK

Items researched, are :-

Births & Christenings / Marriages / Deaths & Burials / Census / Family Lines


  • How often have you tried to find your family links and got nowhere, like me.

  • After searching the internet and not getting very far, I created this website so that anyone doing research into the surname WARD might offer their information for entering onto our message board in the hope that people come forward who are researching the same family line.

  • I started doing our family history after finding this old photograph hidden behind another, and not knowing who it was.

  • After asking family, It turned out to be my father's sister, Harriet WARD and her husband George CARDWELL who married in Rotherham and moved to Australia.
  • This prompted me to find out more, so not knowing when the married or moved to Australia, I decided to try the internet.
  • I tried several search engines until I found a type of phone directory that gave names, addresses and phone numbers.
  • From this, I made a note of addresses and decided to write to as many Cardwell's as I could find.
  • I had a reply from Eunice Cardwell who lives in Wangaratta, Australia  who said she was not from my family line, but would get in touch if she found anything with a possible link.
  • A few weeks passed when a letter arrived from Eunice saying she thinks she found a relation to my Cardwell line, being Barbara Smith, supplying her address.
  • I wrote to Barbara who turned out to be a grand daughter of Harriet and George.
  • After exchanging several letters, I found I had over 100 relations in Australia that I never knew about. 
  • Well, you can imagine, I now had the 'bug' and family research became a routine part of our lives.